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Match Report: - Wednesday 13th June
The Nomads 8 - 4 Sportsman

Posted: Thursday 14th June @ 22:03

The Nomads climb up the Prem 2 league table into 2nd place and now just 1 point behind the current league leaders Bluebell Wood.

After a shaky start to the match and 2-1 down, the Nomads came straight back from their incredible 11-1 victory over Cheadle SC last week and kicked fully into gear. Matt W took frame 4 with an amazing long double on the black, Dave S found himself snookered on his last ball in frame 5 and managed to pot and knock the black into position for an easy finish and Daz S finally managed to pot the black after missing an opportunity to finish and crying "Oh no, not again!"

The second half continued in similar fashion to the first; Nick H once again with a great finish in frame 8 after Dan Corbally got him tied up in knots covering pockets. Wayne S managed to take frame 10 with a nice controlled finish leaving Adam Grey with 6 yellows still on the table. Chris S had to grind out frame 11 and almost drove himself insane with the number of attempts to pot the only 2 balls he had left that were both hanging over the pocket. Dave S rounded off the match taking a tricky double on his yellow which led to an easy clearance and making it an 8-4 win for the Nomads.

Next week, the Nomads face long term rivals Grove Pirates who haven't met for a couple of seasons. Check out the score card to see a full match by match breakdown.

Nomads make it 5 in a row against Sportsman to go 2nd in the league

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